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Mar 1, 2021

Since back in the day, the kitchen has been a sanctuary reserved for the few who know their way around the recipes and can prepare top-notch meals in minutes. However, modern-day man has developed technological advancements that enable anyone with basic knowledge to prepare, store and enjoy the experience. Some of these advancements are seen in the form of refrigerators, water dispensers, and even cookers. You could also say they are the basic requirements for any modern kitchen. Think about it. You need somewhere to store your food after you cook it then, on the next day you will need to reheat it and after you have your meal, you need to drink some water. Maybe you like it warm, cold or hot. For all this, all you need is to either open a door or press a few buttons and you have what you need to satisfy yourself. Here on Dukatech, the available brands include Mika and Samsung though you can find different brands around the city.

However before one makes a purchase there are certain considerations to account for. They include issues such as space, efficiency, eco-friendliness, and more. In this article, we get to look into these considerations concerning cookers, refrigerators, and water dispensers.


Cookers are heat-producing appliances that use an oven, a burner, or a hotplate to prepare and at times pre-heat meals. In Kenya, there are three types of cookers: gas cookers, electric cookers, and dual fuel cookers.

Each of these possesses a unique character based on how they function to produce heat for cooking. Gas cookers run on gas, electric cookers run on electricity, and dual fuel cookers run on both electricity and gas. While most chefs prefer gas cookers as you can control the heat while cooking, electric cookers do not have a naked flame that may harm you while cooking as they use hot plates heated by electrical currents. However, the most common version and the one most prefer to have at home are the dual fuel cookers as it offers the best of both.

Factors to consider when buying a cooker

1. Gas, electric, or dual fuel While these are the different types you also need to stay within budget with recurring costs. The gas cookers will require you to purchase new gas cylinders over time depending on your use. As for the electric ones, interruptions in the power supply may hinder you from preparing meals in time or at all depending on how long the outage is. Though they are more environmentally friendly, the dependency on electricity makes them a bit cumbersome. The best and most common option is the dual-fuel cookers as they offer you the freedom of choice based on your meal preparation. 

2. Size of the cooker Most cookers come with four burners or three burners and a hot plate. This way you get to choose which method you prefer to prepare your meals. Often the size of your cooker will be dependent on your kitchen size as well as your cooking habits. If you are preparing meals for only one or a small family of three then a smaller cooker will be your best bet. However, if you have a large family that has dinner parties often then a larger cooker will be the better pick. There are also large range cookers with six or more burners and a microwave oven offering more functionalities to prepare meals for even larger crowds. 

3. The Oven Ensure your oven has a glass door that allows you to see what is going on with the cake or food you are preparing inside. This way you don’t lose energy having to open the door to check on your food. Ovens use convection or conventional heating to prepare the food. Convection is made possible by a fan that spreads heat evenly throughout the oven making the placement of food a non-issue. However conventional ovens heat up from the bottom making one end hotter than the other. This is usually the best for baked goods such as cakes, cookies, and bread as conventional cookers are best for roasting meat and vegetables. Some of the brands that are available in Kenya include Mika, Bruhm, and Simfer. Among these, the Mika cookers are more known as they have a wide variety that fits any household. The Mika MST55PIAGSL/SD is one of the most affordable cookers that can fit in small households such as bedsitters. For small businesses such as small restaurants or cake businesses, the Mika MST90PU42HI/HC is a better pick due to its size, more burners, and larger oven.

b) REFRIGERATOR/FRIDGE Much like the cooker, a refrigerator is a long-term purchase that needs a lot of consideration before bringing it home. It is one of the most essential appliances in any household as it helps keep our food fresh while at the same time cooling substances for hot days. However, over time it may become an energy hog due to age or irreparable damage and may need to be replaced. Let’s have a look at them.

Factors to consider when buying a refrigerator 1. Space If anything your fridge will require space for it to fit as well as ventilation that helps maintain the smooth running of internal processes. You wouldn’t want to have a fridge in a crowded space where each time you open the door it hits a kitchen surface or other kitchen setup. 2. Design Here there are four categories: top freezers, bottom freezers, side by side, and the French door. All serve the same function with slight differences from one to another.

- For top freezers, the freezer is situated on top. It is the oldest and most known type of refrigerator and is also considered to be the most efficient. - Side-by-side freezers help keep food at eye level at all times as they have both functions side by side. Be sure to check if your freezer has room to store all large pans and pots to avoid having stylish fridges yet you have to squeeze in your food which may cause damage. - French door has two doors for refrigerator compartments and a freezer drawer at the bottom. They are the most expensive.

3. Capacity

Having a fridge that can fit all food prepared as well as store more for future use is better than buying an affordable one than having to skimp on space. Keeping in mind this is a long-term purchase and not an item you can replace as quickly, it is better to be safe than sorry. Other features to look into include energy efficiency where a rating of 1 – 5 is used. 1 being the least efficient and 5 being the most efficient. Features are also additional considerations as you can have a smart fridge that keeps you informed on what you have or one that has a water and ice dispenser.

c) WATER DISPENSERS Most modern offices and homes in Kenya have one or more water dispensers to provide cold, warm, or hot water to the different occupants of the place.

This has reduced the need to buy bottled water as you can get water right from where you work. Often these dispensers offer warm water but some also dispense cold water without using electricity.

Acquiring a water dispenser has been considered to promote healthy water drinking habits. As the water is not contaminated due to it being in 2, 3, and 5-liter

Factors to consider when buying a water dispenser 

1. Freestanding or Countertop They both are the same as long there is a power outlet. The only difference is that the countertop will need to be placed on the edge of a kitchen table or other surface while the free-standing can be placed where one deems suitable around the house. Some also come with wheels to allow ease of relocation. 

2. Storage capacity

While most models accommodate the standard bottles easily it is best to confirm with your supplier the specifics to avoid trouble in the future. They are also available in a wide range of capacities which allows you to choose the one best suited to your needs.

3. Power consumption A dispenser that provides both cold and hot water will consume more power than one that is simply dispensing water. This function is therefore suitable for hot areas where cold water is not readily available. You might want to consider the type and size of the compressor equipped in the water dispenser for more information on the cooling abilities. For more information, you should check out the unit’s heating and water cooling capacity to ensure you are shopping for an efficient model. Some of the manufacturers of water dispensers include Mika, Von, and Whirlpool.

General maintenance of kitchen appliances

1. For refrigerators make sure to clean the coils which may get covered by debris, dust, or food substances to avoid overheating. You can do this by taking out the bottom or back of the fridge or vacuuming the area. 2. Make sure you scrape off food particles from the bottom of your oven regularly to avoid foul smells and blocking the airflow in the oven. 3. Also make sure to clean your water dispenser regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt in it.

Remember you can place your order directly from the Dukateck website and have the appliance of your choice delivered to you at your convenience. So what are you waiting for? Shop Now!


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