Which smartphone should I buy?

Mar 3, 2021

Technology today is at a point where its advancements have allowed users to have every office function available from a single device, the smartphone. Be it making calls, sending texts, ordering food, video conferences, hailing taxis, or filing your taxes. All these functionalities at some point would require you to move from place to place or access a myriad of devices to accomplish a single one. But modern-day smartphones can do all of these and more for extended periods. However, phones in general serve different purposes. Some phones are meant for personal use i.e. smartphones. While others such as Polycom and Grandstream phones are suitable for offices and small businesses.

The idea is to choose a phone that fits your requirements based on the features it has. In this article we will look into smartphones, the features to consider when buying one, which are the best brands in Kenya, as well as how to maintain them.

Smartphones Smartphones are the most common handheld devices used in Kenya. Be it for small businesses or in large corporations. This could be highly attributed to the fact that these phones allow users to send and receive emails, host and attend online conferences, take and edit photos as well as videos on the go, and their connectivity can be altered to suit the available networks across the country. These features coupled with extended battery life, portability, high-quality display as well as affordability across all price ranges have made them the go-to phone for most Kenyans. With a large assortment of brands to select from, you can choose the brand and model that suits you.

Here are some of the top brands in Kenya:

1. Huawei The Chinese telecommunications company has been at the forefront of communication advancements for years and it was inevitable they would replicate their success in Kenya. This is evidenced by its ranking among the most affordable phones in Kenya. With phones ranging from Kshs 10,000 to top range ones at Kshs 120,000, they cater for all.

2. Samsung This brand has been a favorite among Kenyans since the inception of smartphone technology in the country. It is also one of the most used brands among the population. However, those numbers have been dwindling due to the large availability of cheaper phones offering the same experience. The BADA operating system developed by the company allows the user to customize their experience with the phones from fonts, to display and more which makes it a favorite for many.

3. Infinix This feature-rich phone is a favorite among tech-oriented users due to its capability to run a lot of applications. The large CPU available in some high-end versions as well as its large battery life, 5000mAh, allow it to simultaneously function for long periods with background applications running. Its span of phones allows for even low-end purchasers to enjoy an almost similar experience despite the lack of a few features.

4. Tecno
Undoubtedly the most popular smartphone brand in Kenya, the brand has kept its relevance through the various product releases each year. According to reports at least one in three young Kenyans owns a Tecno smartphone. It is the go-to phone for users looking for an affordable smartphone that can function exceptionally well.

5. Oppo
Despite this brand being a recent entrant into the Kenyan industry, it has amassed a very high market share. Gaining its popularity in 2016, the phone has become a common fixture in most phone shops due to its large number of low to midrange budget phones with great performance.
From wide displays, quality processors, and its biggest fixture, long battery life.

6. iPhone The iPhone brand is synonymous with exclusivity and security. Its iOS operating system has been considered one of the most secure systems be it from external or internal attacks. Not only this but, due to the attention to detail that Apple takes the brand has better camera capabilities with high pixel quality in display and the final photo. Unlike Android phones that allow for customization, Apple does not offer extensive choices however the base features will be more than enough for any user.

Features to consider when buying a smartphone.

Buying anything these days requires a lot of consideration. This allows you to be able to make an informed choice that will serve you as intended while using the least amount of time and energy. Some of the top considerations are cost, compactness, design, and recurring costs. When it comes to buying smartphones too there are certain factors one should look into before settling for any particular brand. Here are some of those :

1. Build. This generally refers to the general casing that your phone comes in. Build quality will help you determine how long your phone will last in case of multiple unexpected drops. There are two build types – metal and plastic. There are even some that have glass coating though they aren’t as common as the first two. It is possible to use your phone as it is or you could acquire a phone cover to help you maintain the sleek look for longer periods.

2. Battery life. This determines the period that a phone can go with a single day of charge often ranging from 1500mAh – 5000mAh. Different people use their phones for different periods. For you it could be all day making calls, sending emails, or even taking videos. Another person may just have their phone around for the occasional call. With the variety of brands and phone models around it is possible to select one with a battery life more suitable for you. You should also check if your phone charging system allows for fast charging which allows you to get 50% in 30 minutes or less.

3. Display. This is dependent on the size and resolution that your phone comes with. It is also based on what your phone is used for. If you spend time streaming HD videos or editing photos you will need a phone with full HD or QHD resolution and it should also have a display of 5.5 inch – 6 inch. Although this has become the standard phone size, some may find a 6-inch phone being too bulky to carry around and use.

4. Processor. This varies from device to device based on several factors such as OS version, UI, and more. Currently, the fastest processor in the market is the Apple A14 Bionic found on the latest iPhone 12. For android devices, it is the Snapdragon 888. Of course, the best processors are found on high-end devices but you can find a phone with the ideal processor for your use. The purpose of the processor is to allow for smooth use of applications whether on their own or with others running in the background.

5. Storage. Have you ever been in a situation where you want to record a video but your phone tells you to delete items due to storage issues? But then this is a fleeting moment and by the time you’re done clearing up some space, it's gone. That’s why storage is important. Another thing that quality storage allows for is the smooth running of applications which may begin stalling with reduced space. Storage ranges from 16GB to 256GB internally or you can get one with an expandable SD slot.

6. Camera. Simply having more pixels does not mean that you will have better camera quality. This only means that the image size will be bigger hence sharper on the display of a smaller screen. If you are serious about taking better photos you have to check on the aperture, the ISO, the autofocus as well. This applies to both the front and back-facing camera. A 12MP or 16MP camera will have better quality than an 8MP camera. However, this can also differ based on the phone brand and the factors mentioned above.

7. Headphone /USB jack With more modern phones, we have seen manufacturers doing away with the headphone port opting for wireless connection to the earpieces be it headphones or AirPods. This might be a better option for some but it may act as a hindrance for others who feel this may cause easier loss of parts.

It also means that if you wanted to revert to normal earphones you would be required to make a separate purchase for connectors. The charging port and type of charger also determine how convenient your device may be to carry around when you are constantly using it. So looking into these may help you make a better and more informed choice

How to maintain your smartphone
1. Get a phone case. This helps maintain the sleek new look for longer and could prevent excess damage in case of accidental dropping
2. Protect your screen. Screen protectors help prevent glare, breaks, and stickiness.
3. Don't let your phone get too hot or too cold as this wears down the battery.
4. Don’t try to open your phone without the help of an expert as you may damage its internal components.
5. Keep your phone away from air vents as this allows condensation to accumulate inside the device damaging it.
6. Do not put your phone near magnets.
7. Delete the apps you do not need as these put a strain on the battery life and deplete storage.
8. Regularly backup your phone and delete unnecessary files.
9. Regularly update your applications manually or automatically depending on your choice.
10. Learn how to maintain your battery by charging it at optimal times and not letting it get depleted.
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