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Whether you are working from home or running a small business, you need to invest in a UPS device that will help you protect both your device and your work. That is why here at Dukatech we offer you a wide variety of UPS devices in Kenya coupled with some of the best deals you can get.

 Eaton Corporation Plc is an American Irish power management company established in 1911. At first, they were involved in the automotive industry but have since expanded into electrical, aerospace, and emobility. They have been among the top 100 Innovators according to Thompson Reuters from 2011.

Initially the company focused on creating power solutions for large companies and corporations, recently they have created UPS devices for personal and small business use. Their devices have been known to either complement existing power solutions or provide fully customized power solutions for the end user. Since its inception, the brand has been highly rated having garnered customer confidence. Some of the appliances provided by Eaton include - Backup power(UPS), Micro data centers, charging stations, automatic transfer switches, power inverters, and surge protectors.

 Some of the key features of Eaton include ;

  • LCD display with battery information, feature adjustments, alarm information, and service lockouts.
  • Central monitoring and event management through a web-based dashboard that allows you to set alarms and monitor the device.
  • Ethernet connectivity allows you to easily connect with your computer for ease of monitoring.
  • Comprehensive backup solutions that cover any kind of power issue that may arise.

 Shop today at Dukatech and enjoy the best deals from an authorized dealer of Eaton UPS devices. Get to experience out delivery chap chap wherever you are. We also offer installation and maintenance services.

Eaton 9E6KI 6kVA 6000VA/4.8kW Online Tower UPS
Save 4%
Ksh 215,000.00 Ksh 205,500.00
You save: Ksh 9,500.00 (Ksh 238,380.00 inc tax)
Ksh 98,000.00
(Ksh 113,680.00 inc tax)
Ksh 1,200,000.00
(Ksh 1,392,000.00 inc tax)
Ksh 1,185,000.00
(Ksh 1,374,600.00 inc tax)
Ksh 1,200,000.00
(Ksh 1,392,000.00 inc tax)
Ksh 710,000.00
(Ksh 823,600.00 inc tax)
Ksh 763,500.00
(Ksh 885,660.00 inc tax)
Ksh 273,500.00
(Ksh 317,260.00 inc tax)
Ksh 179,500.00
(Ksh 208,220.00 inc tax)
Ksh 175,000.00
(Ksh 203,000.00 inc tax)
Ksh 116,000.00
(Ksh 134,560.00 inc tax)
Save 7%
Ksh 90,000.00 Ksh 84,000.00
You save: Ksh 6,000.00 (Ksh 97,440.00 inc tax)
Ksh 179,000.00
(Ksh 207,640.00 inc tax)
Ksh 128,500.00
(Ksh 149,060.00 inc tax)
Ksh 78,000.00
(Ksh 90,480.00 inc tax)
Ksh 65,000.00
(Ksh 75,400.00 inc tax)
Ksh 17,999.00
(Ksh 20,878.84 inc tax)
Ksh 554,500.00
(Ksh 643,220.00 inc tax)
Ksh 525,000.00
(Ksh 609,000.00 inc tax)
Ksh 322,000.00
(Ksh 373,520.00 inc tax)
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