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A large number of desktop manufacturers may have you confused when it comes to purchasing the right desktop. However, if you already know what you need from your desktop, the choice is much easier. Here in Kenya, there are a few trusted brand names in the desktop industry. Among these, Dell desktops have been regarded as the best option in regards to viewing by a large number of consumers. The display provided by Dell machines, both computers and laptops remain unrivaled. At Dukatech, we offer you the best prices and deals on Dell desktops in Kenya.

When it comes to Dell desktops, the price spent on hardware is well made up for by the features offered at each price point. Whether you are looking for a professional, personal, or business computer Dell has both the functionality and memory capacity to match. With high-quality graphics cards, 128-bit accelerated video support, and 8MB video support, they are great options for video streaming. Dell computers also have several ports for audio and video jacks to increase your input and output options.

When it comes down to it, the US manufactured desktops come in three models each tailor-made for a particular consumer’s needs. These are :

Dell XPS - This model is made up of powerful desktops specifically for the corporate consumer. With i5/i7 processors and at least 8GB ROM, the desktops are both fast and efficient when it comes to power use. They also have many slots and favor customization especially for those looking to upgrade.

Inspiron desktops - For the home consumer looking for a desktop that supports ease of use within any home workstation these are the best choice you can make. They also work amazingly for small business owners.

All-in-one desktop - This model has stunning displays, fast processors and is very versatile when it comes to workstation desktops. Their design also helps them save on space as the CPU and display are fitted on one unit. It is also the most portable PC if you are looking to move from room to room to make presentations. Some models even have energy-saving capabilities found in certain laptops.

Alienware - The iconic Dell designs coupled with high-performance and premium gaming features make these desktops a favorite for many gamers.

The key selling point for Dell desktops is their customizability. Since the company started out selling custom build PCs, they have adapted the tradition throughout their new models. Even with a refurbished Dell desktop, you can buy accessories at affordable prices from trusted dealers and develop a powerful desktop.

Make your purchase today from Dukatech to enjoy the best prices on Dell desktops in Nairobi. We promise you nothing but a seamless buying experience with delivery done right to you wherever you are in Nairobi. Yes, delivery ni chap chap. Should you need help in setting up your desktop our team will help you and ensure everything is in order.

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