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Asus, for most of its history, has been the go-to laptop for gamers. As the years progressed, they have rebranded and developed some of the most budget-friendly options in terms of laptops. This can largely be associated with the company developing its own motherboards. The Asus mini laptops, Chromebooks, and standard design laptops are considered the most pocket-friendly machines in the market.

Asus has set itself apart by embracing innovation with all its machines and their subsidiaries. The advantage Asus laptops have over others is high optimization on all devices despite the specifications. This means that despite the price point, you can be sure that the machine will always offer you the best performance and durability. According to the manufacturer, when it comes to variety Asus is like a fashion house. They have a wide variety of machines at any given time, each with its unique identifier. The ZenBook sports the classic laptop build with the three concentric circles etched into the aluminum lid. The VivoBook alternatively sports the Firmament Green Chassis covered in metal and plastic. They have gone much further with this innovation and added a screen pad giving the newer machines what seems like a secondary display.

Other innovative ideas taken on by Asus include its ZenBook S13 lauded as the slimmest laptop with outstanding graphics. Not forgetting that their gaming laptops are stand-out machines too. Some even have detachable keyboards backed up by serious gaming power. With Asus, you remain assured of getting value for the money you put in. Whether you are a light or heavy user of the machine, Asus are built to be reliable and durable so you can be sure to enjoy long years of service. Not only that but, the battery life on some of their machines is unrivaled. On the Asus ExpertBook, you can get a total of 16hours of battery life as you continue gaming. The Asus Zephyrus is a mid-level machine that will give you an unbeatable 11 hours too. Both are gaming machines.

Asus premium laptops are also a steal with their prices being very appealing. The Asus ZenBook Pro comes with Intel Core i5 at the base level, excellent battery life, and stunning displays at reasonable prices. The more premium version has a Core i9 CPU, GTX 1050 Ti, and a gorgeous 4k display that features a wild touchpad. All these features make Asus machines showcase Asus's willingness to go beyond what exists. Efforts that ensure you get the best out of any of their machines. Not to mention how powerful their gaming laptops are as some can even support machine learning software and programs.

Do not wait too long. You already know Asus is a trustworthy brand and affordable too. Shop at Dukatech today and have your Asus laptop delivered right where you are, chap chap!




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