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Are you looking for the best starter laptop for your child or maybe for pre-school students? Then the Avita laptops offered here at Dukatech for the best online prices in Kenya are the best choice for you. The laptops are made for students and beginning computer learners. Here is more on the laptops.

When it comes down to it, you want a machine that will be within a reasonable budget and still offer superb performance. While at times these may be hard to come across, Avita is very close. Avita laptops are a brand new entrant into the laptop manufacturer market. Over the past few years, the brand has amassed a large customer base. Thanks to their competitive prices and focus on portability, these laptops are ideal for students and computer beginners on a tight budget.Avita started as a tech start-up in the US only to be acquired and operated by the Hong Kong-based Nexstgo. It was in Hong Kong that the first Avita laptops were manufactured. Due to their late entry into the market, Avita laptops are more suited to home-based or traveling workers. With slim, sleek, lightweight builds they can easily be carried around without much hassle. Their powerful processors and large storage space also ensure that you work effortlessly as you switch between apps or need to save large files for your work. Avita has been a favorite for many buyers.

With Avita, you get value for your money. Though not all models offer the same experience, the brand has its moments. In 2020, the Avita ADMIROR won the CES Innovation Award for its ultra-slim design. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing as you work from your desk, it is just as powerful. With an Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 256 GB SSD for quick smooth response. This laptop also sports a 14 inch full HD display with an island-style backlit keyboard. The ideal laptop for office users and those who are constantly on the move.

Avita laptops, like many others, come in a series. These are:

Avita Essential series – These are the most basic laptops from Avita. They are made for beginners specifically young children starting with computers.

Avita Pura Series – This is an upgrade of the Essential. Avita Pura is dedicated to students or as the name represents starters. They come equipped with AMD A9, Ryzen 3, and Intel i3 processors. Its features make it suitable for light games, coding, and editing.

Avita Liber series – The Liber is a more professional-focused laptop model. It is equipped with the Ryzen 7, Intel i5, and Intel i7 processors. The laptops are suitable for creating animations, light video editing, coding, and light gaming.

Avita ADMIROR series – This model shares similar features with the Liber but is more powerful and has a sleeker design.

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