​​​​​​​Here at Dukatech, we are dedicated to providing our clientele with only the best laptops available in the market. With this in mind, our collection of Apple Macbook laptops cuts across and provides an unbeatable user experience whether you are a beginner or a seasoned heavy user.

Apple as a brand is unique as they focus on both the hardware (MacBook) and the software (Mac OS) for their machines. This exclusivity is what has kept Apple as an electronics brand ahead of other laptop brands and companies. The integration of in-house software and hardware offers the user seamless use with quality results at all times. When it comes down to variants, Apple offers only the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The distinction making it easier for you to choose which variant will work best for you. The MacBook Air comes with an 11 and 13-inch screen while the MacBook Pro has sizes 13 and 15-inch displays.

Apple also offers a superior design quality. With a unibody aluminum chassis with no inconsistent gaps and joins, a simple look will tell you how much quality the laptop possesses. Due to the aluminum, the MacBooks tend to be lightweight yet sturdy. As a user, you barely notice the weight of the machine in your luggage. Thanks to Apple's ingenious design the MacBook Air 13 and the MacBook Pro 13 have similar dimensions. However, the MacBook Pro still performs much better thanks to its powerful processor which we look into next.

As Apple integrated the software and hardware, they also ensured to provide what is arguably the best processing power in laptops. With its Core i5 processor backed by the improved Iris graphics card. The MacBook Pro 13 also has the most coveted Retina display for NoteBooks. With its unique pixel-scaling approach to screen technology, all Retina compatible applications provide high-quality graphics without sacrificing sharpness from reduced screen size. The MacBook Pro 13 boasts an impressive 2560 x 1600 resolution. Its compatriot, the MacBook Pro 15 has a resolution of 2880 x 1800. This means you get a crisp display on text and lines, with photos in focus from thumbnails to larger versions.

On storage, Apple offers the PCI-e SSD storage which is 1TB in size. The drive is much faster than those found in normal computers as it uses the PCI-e bus which is similar to the one used by the graphics card. In comparison, the SSD on the MacBook Pro 13 has reading and writing speeds of up to 700Mbps while Windows runs at 400 – 450 Mbps. A crowning feature of MacBooks is their long-lasting battery life of 12 hours for the MacBook Air and 9 hours on the MacBook pro. This is further enhanced with other Apple-provided software and energy-conserving features.

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