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Not everyone can afford or is after a brand new laptop and manufacturers know this. That is why most if not all laptops come with replaceable parts. Whether it is the monitor, battery keyboard, audio system, or even the motherboard. The thriving refurbishing market is valued at over $10 billion worldwide meaning these machines are a favorite for many as well as reliable. Here at Dukatech, you can find the best refurbished laptop deals on sale and at the best prices in Kenya. No matter your budget level or computing needs, with refurbished laptops you get to pick the one that saves on both ends.

Many reasons would make a laptop be considered as a refurbished one and it is only right you get to know about them. There are the old models traded in for newer ones that later get sold, these often come from institutions and companies. There are those that after manufacturing did not meet the required standard leading to the owner rebuilding them. Others come from individuals who returned them or canceled their orders. Finally, some got damaged in transit and were repaired on delivery.

One of the main reasons people prefer refurbished laptops is because they help save money on both the machine and computer software. While a brand new laptop offers newer features, most lack some of the most essential software for work. With refurbished ones, you get a sturdier, more durable device as the repairs involve using re-inforced parts to strengthen the laptop. This makes it last longer and they also have warranties for supplier-done repairs should they break down during the grace period post-sale.

What to consider when buying refurbished laptops

However, since there might be certain risks involved in purchasing one. Here are some tips to get the best deals on refurbished laptops in Kenya;

Your computing needs – As it is with any device or appliance, having a clear purpose to accomplish goes a long way in saving you from making a poor purchasing decision. With refurbished laptops, you shouldn’t overspend on a premium brand while you could get a newer model along with accessories to increase its power for the same price. Get an affordable model that gets the essential tasks done as you save up for your desired one later. You might find the refurbished model will last longer than you expect.

Aesthetics – Understanding that for a laptop to be sold as refurbished means knowing that it has undergone certain repairs and improvements before you bought it. So, once you receive your device, always check for scratches or signs of damage on the casing (body) or battery. Also, check the keyboard and display to confirm they all work accordingly.

Operating System – Most refurbished laptop sellers have laptops with pre-installed operating systems (OS). Often these may need to be updated before or on purchase. As the buyer, you can search for a refurbished laptop with your OS of choice pre-installed, which is not viable with brand-new machines. An operational OS often is an indication of healthy software.

Compatibility – Like most technological devices, laptop manufacturers have imposed certain limits on the replaceable hardware used on their machines. That means that refurbished laptops need to have compatible replacements installed if they are expected to function efficiently. You can check to ensure the parts match the original specifications.

Essentially, refurbished laptops help you save on costs incurred from buying a new one as they are either used or had been damaged before purchase. Dukatech offers you the best online prices in Kenya and enjoys delivery chap chap wherever you are locat

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