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The common printer found in most offices and institutions would allow you to print, scan and fax documents from one office to another. Even so, this type of printer is not a commercially reasonable purchase when you are working from home or own a small business that doesn’t have the space to store the bulky machines. At the same time, if you are involved in photography or commercial printing, you would need one that can produce quality documents and pictures. Below is a list of the various types of printers you can find in Kenya.

Each of these printers serves a different purpose based on your preference and the type of print you require. Some are meant for offices while others are for large companies such as newspaper and magazine production, while others are best for printing out photos and posters

Can I use home printers for bulk printing?

Yes. However, it is not recommended. This is because you may end up using too much ink/toner as well as time compared to finding a large printer made for the same purpose.

Are there affordable home printers in Kenya?

Yes. Today’s economy has changed from the old model of having to be in an office to be employed, working from home has become a new norm for most.
This along with small businesses has created a need for smaller more economical printers. These costs from as low as Kshs 7,000 to Kshs 50,000. 

Is it possible to get an all-in-one printer?
Can I use a toner in all printers?
Do printers use a lot of electricity?
Is there variety for printer brands in Kenya?
Ksh 23,999.00
(Ksh 27,838.84 inc tax)
Save 4%
Ksh 85,000.00 Ksh 81,999.00
You save: Ksh 3,001.00 (Ksh 95,118.84 inc tax)
Save 5%
Ksh 159,999.00 Ksh 152,000.00
You save: Ksh 7,999.00 (Ksh 176,320.00 inc tax)
Save 4%
Ksh 46,999.00 Ksh 44,999.00
You save: Ksh 2,000.00 (Ksh 52,198.84 inc tax)
Save 3%
Ksh 175,000.00 Ksh 168,999.00
You save: Ksh 6,001.00 (Ksh 196,038.84 inc tax)
Ksh 42,999.00
(Ksh 49,878.84 inc tax)
Save 14%
Ksh 31,500.00 Ksh 26,950.00
You save: Ksh 4,550.00 (Ksh 31,262.00 inc tax)
Save 5%
Ksh 38,500.00 Ksh 36,500.00
You save: Ksh 2,000.00 (Ksh 42,340.00 inc tax)
Save 5%
Ksh 225,000.00 Ksh 214,500.00
You save: Ksh 10,500.00
Save 5%
Ksh 79,000.00 Ksh 75,000.00
You save: Ksh 4,000.00 (Ksh 87,000.00 inc tax)
Save 4%
Ksh 27,500.00 Ksh 26,500.00
You save: Ksh 1,000.00
Save 2%
Ksh 27,000.00 Ksh 26,500.00
You save: Ksh 500.00
Save 4%
Ksh 480,000.00 Ksh 460,000.00
You save: Ksh 20,000.00 (Ksh 533,600.00 inc tax)
Save 18%
Ksh 110,000.00 Ksh 89,999.00
You save: Ksh 20,001.00 (Ksh 104,398.84 inc tax)
Save 4%
Ksh 185,000.00 Ksh 178,000.00
You save: Ksh 7,000.00 (Ksh 206,480.00 inc tax)
Save 9%
Ksh 8,200.00 Ksh 7,499.00
You save: Ksh 701.00 (Ksh 8,698.84 inc tax)
Save 6%
Ksh 42,500.00 Ksh 39,999.00
You save: Ksh 2,501.00 (Ksh 46,398.84 inc tax)
Ksh 96,551.70
(Ksh 111,999.97 inc tax)
Save 5%
Ksh 60,000.00 Ksh 56,800.00
You save: Ksh 3,200.00 (Ksh 65,888.00 inc tax)
Ksh 43,500.00
(Ksh 50,460.00 inc tax)
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