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When it comes to buying labeling equipment and material, nothing beats a durable, compact, and portable design. Bixolon label printers sold at Dukatech, are an award-winning range of desktop and industrial label printers. Their catalog includes thermal transfer printers, direct thermal printers, and linerless intelligent printers. Dukatech is among the top-rated dealers in Bixolon printers in Kenya.

Bixolon printers are capable of printing various items including tickets, barcodes, and QR codes, and can be used in hospitals, industries, and large retail facilities. They are equipped to be compatible with all operating systems thus reducing the need for professional help to set up, use and even maintain. To add to this they have top-notch drivers that further ease their compatibility and effectiveness during use.

Whether you are printing receipts, orders or large-scale labels Bixolon printers are capable of large volume printing with little to no delay or lag. Some models available here at Dukatech at the best prices in Nairobi include the SLP-TX240, XL5-40, and XT2-40. These printers are portable, have a sturdy build to reduce damage from impact or falling, and are easy to use. Buy your Bixolon printer device in Kenya today at Dukatech and other authorized dealers to enjoy the best prices.

Ksh 48,000.00
(Ksh 55,680.00 inc tax)
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You save: Ksh 2,000.00 (Ksh 34,220.00 inc tax)
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(Ksh 53,360.00 inc tax)
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Ksh 34,500.00
(Ksh 40,020.00 inc tax)
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(Ksh 40,136.00 inc tax)
Ksh 126,500.00
(Ksh 146,740.00 inc tax)
Ksh 126,500.00
(Ksh 146,740.00 inc tax)
Ksh 35,000.00
(Ksh 40,600.00 inc tax)
Ksh 25,000.00
(Ksh 29,000.00 inc tax)
Ksh 23,500.00
(Ksh 27,260.00 inc tax)
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