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Canon Printers in Kenya

Canon is mostly known for the manufacturing of high-end cameras and this has made the brand synonymous with high-quality products in all their ventures. When it comes to printers, Canon did not spare any detail and have so far stood by their notoriety. Canon printer products too offer you a wide selection fully equipped with all the necessary features and technologies to optimize the printer capabilities. Among the different Canon printer brands are;

Imageclass: These are monochrome home or office laserjet printers. Most of them are designed to function as all-in-one printers.

Maxify: These printers are a fast small office of home inkjet printers. Due to their capabilities, it is recommended for the busy home and functions better with a small business setting.

Pixma: A well-balanced inkjet printer in terms of speed and print quality. Some are all-in-one while others are high-quality photo printers.

Selphy: This is a small portable Canon printer made for those who are constantly on the move. They are capable of printing both documents and photos are of great quality.

Canon printers are available at any price point and depending on your model can work with either toner or ink cartridges added to your initial purchase.

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