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Casio is popularly known for its arithmetic calculators, however, we take a look into some of its label printers. The 12-digit Casio printing calculator features a large, easy-to-read LCD that showcases sharp digits to help prevent reading errors. At Dukatech providing office solutions that ease the daily activities in a business is our number one priority.

Large keys are appropriately positioned for fast, accurate data entry to help minimize input errors. Compact size offers convenient portability to keep this calculator with you wherever you need it. Dual-power operation lets you use plug directly into an outlet or use four AA batteries for on-the-go use. Casio’s printing calculator also offers 150-step check and edit, after-print-function, re-print function, currency conversion, profit calculation, tax calculation, independent memory, double-zero key, and more.

Casio presents a disc title operating device that uses thermal technology to produce labels. The device is user-friendly and comes with a QWERTY keyboard to facilitate data input and manipulation. Additional features include direct printing on Cds and Dvds, direct import of graphics, text, and files. Ensure to check for compatibility and authorized dealers such as Dukatech when buying Casio printers in Kenya.

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