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HP is one of the most widely known computer and computer accessories brands. Often their products are affordable, efficient,, and highly reliable. It was this that led to the company developing the Designjet printer.

Initially, HP was solely focused on the pen plotter printer a larger more bulky model printer. In the 1990’s they developed the large-format inkjet printer, later known as the Designjet.

Some of the features of this printer include:

  • Fast printing - They offer twice the speed and resolution thus reducing the time used to print work while still offering high-quality prints.
  • Professional appeal - Designjet printers are made for professionals looking to get quality images at all times.
  • Connectivity - These printers easily connect through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even cable connectivity for easier interaction with other office appliances.
  • Ease of use - The different models allow you to find one that suits your needs and won't require too much technical knowledge in both setup and maintenance.

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