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E-POS printer dealers in Kenya

Founded in 2011, EPOS Now the parent company to E-POS printers had a goal to create an affordable and reliable point-of-sale solution for small retail businesses. Since then the company has grown to serve over 30,000 businesses all over the world. On top of this, the company has expanded its profile to include cloud technology and software solutions that aid users in their daily tasks. Their line of printers includes:

Thermal printers; use a special type of paper that blackens when it comes into contact with the print head.

  • Impact printers; these print receipts in both black and red colors. They are ideal for a restaurant set up as they are built to be resilient to heat.
  • Label printers; are used to print stick-on labels making them ideal for hotels and supermarkets.
  • A4 printers; are used to create large-form prints such as banners and posters.

Each of these printers has its own unique features that make EPOS a leader in the print industry. They include high-resolution printing, time efficiency due to high speeds, easy connectivity to multiple devices, flexible and customizable barcodes, and energy efficiency.

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