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When it comes to printing ID cards and badges, the number one priority is being able to secure the information once the job is complete. On top of this quality outputs and a balance of colors goes a long way in terms of professionalism. This is what you get with HID’s Fargo ID printer devices. Known for their reliability Fargo ID printers provided by Dukatech offer you a great chance to experience impeccable printing with world-renown security solutions on all their printers and encoders.

The printers come with a wide range of features and functions to suit the needs of different users in different settings. From inkjet, laserjet, and thermal transfer Fargo ID and badge printers are made for any organization, institution, or corporation looking to print both large and small volumes of IDs and badges. Additional features present on Fargo devices include double and single-sided printing, full-color HD image printing, and lamination.

Head on over to Dukatech to see what Fargo ID and badge printer match your needs. Get your devices delivered to your chap chap wherever you are in Kenya and set up assistance from our capable staff. Dukatech is an authorised dealer of Fargo printer products, shop today to enjoy the best prices and deals in Kenya.

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