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Here at Dukatech, it is our policy to ensure that our clients get the right device for the right task. Whether you are in the office or setting up an outdoor portable office we have a wide and varied catalog to help with that. Honeywell Printers are made for any environment or application, from light-duty to ultra-rugged models. They are available in 3 categories: desktop, mobile and industrial printers that employ the best technology built on powerhouses Datamax-O’Neil and Intermec technologies. Honeywell offers an extensive range of solutions whether you are printing barcode labels, tickets, or tag printing. These user-friendly printers make it easy to execute tasks and secure the highest return on your investment.

Desktop Honeywell printers such as Honeywell PC42T Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer is easy to install and ready to print devices. It is considered economical since it can handle up to 110mm wide of media, able to print longer before needing media replenishment, hence improving the productivity of labeling workflows.  Industry-standard connectivity includes USB host and device, and options for Ethernet and serial communications.

The PC42t Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer is priced affordably, includes modern features, and is a smart solution for small or medium businesses looking to improve productivity in labeling applications. Some popular thermal printer models including PC42D, PC43Tand PC43d are equally competitive in the printing industry. Shop for Honeywell printers today from Dukatech to enjoy the best prices in Nairobi and enjoy delivery chap chap all over the country.

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