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Well known to have stood the test of time; Xerox Holdings Corporation provides print and digital document products and services to more than 160 countries. Dukatech has been recognized as a certified dealer in Xerox printers. Xerox offers a wide range of affordable, professional, high-quality office laser printers and all-in-one printers that saves space and ensure efficiency in your workspace. Some popular laser models include: Xerox b230, Xerox b235 and Xerox c230

Xerox printers have the following features - Longevity: the use of toners instead of ink reduces maintenance costs allowing a longer life span for the printer. Precision: laser beams ensure finely-tuned crisp and high-quality graphics for printouts. Speed: lasers can move quickly, making more high-volume prints than an average inkjet printer. More space: All-in-one printers streamline daily office tasks into one device hence saving on space. Efficiency: by the press of a button you can scan, print and email at the same time. Variety: they vary in functionality such as black and white printing or colored printing, high volume printing or simply printing at home.

To avoid faulty and counterfeit devices always ensure you buy your Xerox printer devices from authorized dealers. Here in Kenya Dukatech is an award-winning dealer of Xerox printers. Check out the website today to make your purchase and enjoy delivery chap chap across Kenya.

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