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When it comes to printing you want a printer that guarantees efficient work almost flawlessly. This is exactly what you get with your Zebra printer purchase. Zebra printers are designed to be durable, self-reliant, and effective. They afford the user a simplified setup coupled with a sturdy build. The printers are fit for any work environment as they easily integrate with other office appliances without much hassle. To add to this they have in-built security measures for document safety.

Zebra printers come in different types including:

Desktop printers

Home and office printers

Mobile printers

Industrial printers

RFID printers

Card and badge printers

The printers are famous for being low maintenance with easily replaceable parts and well-set movable ones. On top of this Zebra, printer accessories are easily accessible and easy to fix. Shop today at Dukatech to grab yourself unique, efficient, and affordable Zebra printers in Kenya at the best prices throughout the year. Also, keep an eye out for the sales offers that occur to save on bulk and singular purchases made on printers in Kenya. Here at Dukatech, we believe in quality and efficiency, shop with us now to enjoy delivery chap chap right to your doorstep.

Ksh 64,999.00
(Ksh 75,398.84 inc tax)
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(Ksh 6,960.00 inc tax)
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(Ksh 112,520.00 inc tax)
Ksh 128,500.00
(Ksh 149,060.00 inc tax)
Ksh 49,800.00
(Ksh 57,768.00 inc tax)
Ksh 17,300.00
(Ksh 20,068.00 inc tax)
Ksh 103,000.00
(Ksh 119,480.00 inc tax)
Ksh 230,000.00
(Ksh 266,800.00 inc tax)
Ksh 22,500.00
(Ksh 26,100.00 inc tax)
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Ksh 130,000.00 Ksh 125,000.00
You save: Ksh 5,000.00 (Ksh 145,000.00 inc tax)
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(Ksh 24,128.00 inc tax)
Ksh 45,000.00
(Ksh 52,200.00 inc tax)
Ksh 3,999.00
(Ksh 4,638.84 inc tax)
Ksh 139,999.00
(Ksh 162,398.84 inc tax)
Ksh 37,200.00
(Ksh 43,152.00 inc tax)
Ksh 58,500.00
(Ksh 67,860.00 inc tax)
Ksh 95,500.00
(Ksh 110,780.00 inc tax)
Ksh 35,000.00
(Ksh 40,600.00 inc tax)
Ksh 27,250.00
(Ksh 31,610.00 inc tax)