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Sony is one of the most popular brands when it comes to Television sets and they have, over the years, proved to be ready for any change that happens in the market. The Japanese brand releases a lot of new screens annually so you have the option of new models or an older display. There is nothing more satisfying than a weekend at home with nothing to do, your movies lined up and you know you will be seeing it all in HD. No detail gets past you, the sound is just right and the colors blend perfectly.

This is the viewing experience that Sony Smart TVs offer and here at Dukatech we have a wide selection for you to choose from. Sony has it all, 4k versions with both LCD and OLED display technology. There are also 8k and HDR models, both with high detailed images with 8K being more advanced.

HDR stands for High Dynamic range which is the TV's ability to distinguish between the light and dark parts of the picture. This property creates a more detailed image for the viewers. For those who like watching horror movies and wouldn't want to miss out on objects in the dark, you will love Sony TV. The Japanese manufactured brand has Google's Android Tv operating system which supports all the major streaming apps for both music and movies. This means you get Netflix, Prime Video, Spotify, and Disney +. It also has voice support.

With Sony Tv, you can be sure of joining a brand that believes in loyalty and will have you making return purchases in the future. Their TV offers multiple functions as mentioned above, has fast connectivity, response rate, and comes in a wide variety. Among the favorites are :

Sony Bravia X90j: This is rated as one of the best 4K LED-LCD TVs from Sony at the mid-range level. With its Cognitive Processor XR, it has better contrast and more depth compared to its priors. It is also capable of upscaling HD content to 4K and offers stunning cinematic viewing with native 4K HDR content. It comes in 40' - 75' sizes with HDMI 2.1 ports and, is one of Sony's first TV with Google TV which is an upgrade from Android TV. IN regards to sound it has powerful 10W full-range drivers and two side tweeters with clear convincing audio. Sony Bravia A8H: If you want the ideal home cinema experience this is the model for you. Combining Sony's premium OLED picture performance with a direct sound system creates an all-around experience. The Sony Bravia comes with numerous picture modes that switch automatically depending on the content. Even when challenged with blacks in high contrast images it creates the ideal balance of color and vibrance. In regards to the size, they are available in 55' - 65'. The side panel offers a headphone output, 1 HDMI port on the left, 3 on the right, USB Type-A ports, and composite video output as well as an ethernet port. The Tv uses Android Tv with an ultra-responsive UI and a wide selection of apps.

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