VGA Splitter Cable, 2 Way

  • VGA Male to 2 x VGA Female
  • Designed for short range desktop installations of up to 10m
  • Gold plated connectors
  • Cable length: 0.18m
Ksh 1,500.00
(Ksh 1,740.00 inc tax)
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  • Allows two VGA monitors to be connected to a single VGA output
  • Cheap and easy way to connect two monitors to one PC
  • Duplicates the SAME image onto both screens (this will not enable you to run different applications on each display)
  • A mains powered splitter is recommended if a high resolution or long distance is required (5 Metres plus)
  • Often used to enable a PC to output to both a monitor a TV with a VGA port
This splitter cable allows two monitors to be connected to a computer's single VGA port. It's a passive cable which simply splits a single VGA signal into two without any amplification or signal regeneration, making it an ideal, cost-effective solution for shorter installations.

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