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Every computer user knows the importance of saving your work and how much damage can occur from a simple power interruption. In today’s work environment be it an office or a remote location having a reliable power source is highly preferable. In order to do this you should think of getting a UPS device. Uninterruptible Power Supply, UPS is a device that prevents total power failure on a computer. They are of different topologies and have additional capabilities depending on your preference.

Mecer was formed in 1987 in South Africa and has since grown to become of the top-selling PC brands in the country. Its parent company is Mustek a leading distributor and assembler of PCs, inverters, UPSs, tablets, and more. The company also deals in other PC accessories such as flash drives, monitors, and more. The company is known for providing the best value for money with its affordable and reliable products. In Kenya, Mecer range of UPS are ; 

  1. Mecer 1000VA On Line UPS
  2. Mecer 2000VA Line Interactive UPS
  3. Mecer 6000VA (4200W) Smart Tower UPS
  4. Mecer 20000VA (20kVA)Smart Tower UPS-3 Phase
  5. Mecer 3000VA (2400W) 2U Rackmount UPS

 Features that make Mecer UPS ideal for different workspace settings include;

  • Wide variety in terms of topologies that offers you the freedom to choose the most ideal version for your office or home.
  • ECO mode operation for those devices with energy-saving capabilities
  • Compatibility with most operating systems and easy setup
  • Triple double-conversion capabilities on some devices allow devices to regulate power and still act as a power-saving option.
  • Compatible with most generators.

Compact build with replaceable batteries.

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