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With today’s work environment, having a spacious and inviting work environment goes a long way in increasing the productivity of your staff. Here at Dukatech, we believe that the best way to do this is by providing them with the powerful all-in-one computers available here at the best online prices. These computers come as a single unit without the many cables used in traditional computers. Let’s look into these.

Lately, you have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by what you see at your workstation. From piles of paper, connectivity cables are strewn all over and not to mention the noise that your desktop produces as you take on heavy tasks. You also have your laptop that needs space as you prepare for a presentation in the boardroom across the office. Honestly, you wish there was a way you would not have to carry it back and forth. Then again, your organization is looking to upgrade the old machines to create a more conducive and productive office environment. This is where you get to hear about the best All-in-one computer deals and prices in Kenya from Dukatech.

With the prevalence of virtual work, you need a compact device that can handle this along with other tasking assignments without lag or having to change devices. All-in-one computers you get a single unit that combines the components of a desktop PC with the monitor. Much like the iMac except they are available for all brands such as HP, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, and more. In short, you get the performance and power of a desktop without the clutter of cables and different units. All you need is a single power chord, connect to your device and you are set to work. These devices take up less workspace than traditional towers and offer more screen space than the largest laptops. Their only downside is less freedom when it comes to upgradeable components.

There are a few reasons All-in-one computers have become a common feature in work and school environments. These are:

Save on space – Due to their design of housing all the components found on a traditional desktop into one single unit. All-in-one computers not only take up less desk space but can also be placed anywhere and not interrupt the available work area.

Ease of movement – Another perk of its design is that they are lighter than a desktop and slightly heavier than certain laptops. This means that should you need to move to another room to work or make a presentation it is much simpler. There is also the matter of having a single power chord which means you have a lighter load making only a single trip to set up.

Ease of set-up – There are two parts to setting up an all-in-one computer. You plug it in and turn it on. That is it. Most of these computers come with pre-installed Operating Systems so there is not much to set up in terms of software too.

Maintenance – Without the dust-prone and noisy towers to power a single display you have less to take care of. The slim design has less noise and when it comes to cleaning you can easily reach all over the device without expending much energy. Damages caused by accidents such as spillage are also reduced to a minimum.

Integration – With the Apple iMac, regarded as the best all-in-one computer overall for office and personal work. Its ability to easily sync with Apple devices especially smartphones coupled with its Facetime HD camera, stunning display, and immersive sound. It offers you the chance to work seamlessly across both devices without losing data or quality. It will quickly become your go-to device.

Essentially an all-in-one computer offers you the power of a desktop computer with the convenience of a laptop in terms of function. With their powerful processors and stunning displays, these computers are among the best for any modern workplace. Buy all-in-one computers from Dukatech at the best online prices in Kenya today. Get to enjoy delivery chap chap wherever you are in.

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