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Here at Dukatech, we trust in supplying you with top-of-the-range devices for your day-to-day work, business, or casual use. That is why we have only the latest iMac machines and even old models to supply the needs of different clientele. Whether you are on a budget or need a high-end machine, there is something for you here. Take your time to look through Dukatech’s catalog to find the latest iMac devices in Kenya, at the best prices. When it comes to technology, Apple has consistently proven itself as one of the most reliable and exclusive manufacturers. They did not hold back with their iMac devices wither. Right from the design to the features, iMac computers are powerful devices. Here at Dukatech, we have a wide selection of iMac computers for you to choose from.

iMac computers were designed with regards to the original Macintosh design – having the display and computer as one unit. This means unlike the common personal computer (PC) that requires different parts for you to achieve your computing needs. You get one compact unit with a single power chord and, you are set. Essentially, with the iMac, there is less clutter as there aren’t cables stretched all over your workspace. When it comes to more recent versions, it even gets better. With slimmer bodies, stunning displays, and, with the M1 you even get custom colors for your keyboard as an accessory. Not forgetting the Smart Mouse and trackpad options which are available as a set or separate. Keep in mind the more you customize and accessorize your iMac the higher the price.

Features of an iMac

With such a design, it’s easy to be misled and assume the iMac has limited functionalities. Each computer comes equipped with :

  • Facetime HD camera
  • i5/i7 quad-core microprocessors
  • Built-in stereo speakers
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in microphone
  • Audio in and out
  • USB ports – 2.0, 3.0
  • Firewire port

Such features are found across all iMac computers. In terms of screen size, you can purchase the 21.5 inch, 24 inch and 27-inch models on sale here at Dukatech. As for storage, different iMac computers have different storage capacities as well as ROM. The range for RAM is 256GB to 1TB while ROM is 4GB to 16GB.Another distinguishing feature offered by Apple iMac is the seamless connectivity it has with Apple devices, especially smartphones. For the dedicated Apple user, you can easily transfer documents to your iMac as easily by tapping a button. Not forgetting that with Apple, most computers can act as an extension of your mobile device. This means even texting and note-taking can be done both on a computer and with your device.

It is undoubtedly that Apple iMac laptops are among the best computers in the market today. Shop right now at Dukatech and get the best deals and even some that are on sale right here in Kenya. Enjoy delivery chap chap to wherever you are at the best online prices in Kenya.



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