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Gaming desktops at the best Prices in Kenya

Here at Dukatech, we are dedicated to offering you the best quality entertainment technologies possible. From speakers to laptops and computers we have a large collection of goods at the best prices. When it comes to gaming, we have also taken into consideration the PC gamer looking for that premium gaming experience and even for the beginner, we have the fairer priced models to help you familiarize yourself with PC games. Check out our collection of gaming desktops going for the best prices in Nairobi.

In the world of personal entertainment, there is no single way to exhaust all existing mediums and channels in a single sitting. However, there are ways to combine more than one medium and the one that offers outstanding experience on all fronts from viewing to gaming is the desktop. Whether it is streaming, gaming, viewing, or even engaging with other users, desktops have consistently offered an unbeatable experience. But once you are here for a more specific reason, right? To know what makes a good gaming desktop and what to look out for. Let us get into that.

Going by what seasoned gamers will tell you, building your gaming PC - using more industry-specific terms, your gaming rig - will offer you the best gaming experience. This is because you get to choose which graphics you need, the processing power, storage, and not forget the look of your gaming PC. However, this whole process may be more costly for you and especially if you are a beginner a single error may require you to start all over again. At the same time, building your rig gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride as you play your games. Check out our accessories page to see the deals we offer on computer parts.

Gaming desktops specs

For those simply looking to buy a pre-built gaming PC we have plenty of those available and at the best prices in Kenya. These desktops are built to offer you a smooth and seamless gaming experience and at the best prices with others on sale. And before you make your purchase. There are a few things to keep in mind to get value for your money. Hoping that you already know gaming desktops are sturdier and faster than the common family desktop. Here are more guiding tips into the world of gaming computers ;

  • Graphics processing - This is the definitive feature when it comes to gaming desktops. This is due to the use of AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce graphics chips to allow faster rendering of the gaming environment and smooth gameplay. However, you can get other chips such as the iGPU fitted desktops. These have decent game graphics and mostly work with older games but you can upgrade as time goes by.
  • Only the latest CPU - Whether you are a return buyer or a first-timer, you are better off purchasing the latest generation CPU when it comes to gaming. This is often indicated by the first number in the series eg 10th of 11th Gen. This is because they offer better performance credited to the improvements added from generation to generation.
  • Intel vs AMD - In terms of gaming processors there are many options to choose from. The most popular are Intel and AMD processors. To help you make a decision, find out all you can about your gaming needs then make the best choice at your price point.
  • Gaming preference - Only you know the games you enjoy and what the system requirements are for them to function at optimal conditions. At times you have to accept some sacrifices as not all titles can function the same way.

Browse through Dukatech's collection of gaming desktops to see which one favors your gaming habits the most. We also offer gaming desktop accessories to help you improve your gaming experience and make it more seamless. As for games, we have Xbox games that can be installed in certain windows models and even dedicated PC games on sale.

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