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One of the most widely known names not only in home appliances but also computing, HP has been a leading manufacturer of desktop computers for decades and continues to improve on both the quality of their build and performance of the devices. With reliable support teams and strong warranties, you can never go wrong with HP desktops. Here at Dukatech, we offer the best prices across all budgets for our collection of HP computers. Whether you are in search of a brand new computer or a refurbished one, we have them all.

There are 3 categories when it comes to HP desktops. These are ;

Tower - This is the traditional desktop tower with all CPU components in a case. It is designed to be easily open for replacement and easy upgrade.

Mini-tower - This is smaller than the tower with fewer ports and slots for upgrades. It is also a bit tougher as the CPU unit is smaller. The advantage is that they take up less space at the workstation.

All-in-one - A compact unit that combines both the display and CPU. They are considered affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile in terms of work, especially of the digital kind. Upgrading an all-in-one is more difficult as it is not meant to be opened up.

HP Processing units & CPU

With this in mind, you can now focus on functionality. Here is where you look at the components of your CPU. Being the brain behind your computer you want to get the fastest or most efficient in regards to your workload and task requirements. The faster the CPU the more ease of use and enhanced efficiency. You could also go for a faster Graphics Processing Unit, GPU, if your work involves heavy designs or you are looking to use the desktop for gaming.

Once you have these figured out, look at the storage capacities offered by different HP desktops. Some have HDD while other sport SSD drives for storage. With SSD drives your applications and software launch much faster. This in turn translates to a faster desktop as you can run various apps in the background as without having to worry about sacrificing on speed or efficiency of your work. They are also more secure and durable. All these are taken into account as they demand more from you in terms of spending. There is still the option to upgrade later should you purchase an HDD and are still interested in an SSD.

As for memory capacity, HP desktops come with a wide array from 4GB to 8GB ROM. The larger the memory your PC has the better it will perform so for business owners and power users the 8GB desktops will be the best option. Another great advantage of HP desktops is the wide variety they have based on different consumer habits.

For business owners, they have developed the EliteDEsk models to create an efficient transfer of information for the smooth running of daily business tasks. They are powerful and sturdy machines capable of serving you for long periods. If you are a gamer, they have the HP Omen and Pavilion models with powerful processors, stunning graphics, and very appealing designs for the immersive gaming experience.They also have the All-in-one models such as the 22-inch AiO and the Pavilion 27-inch AiO. Finally, they have a family-oriented PC that can handle simple web surfing and office software with light photo and video editing. These include the Pavilion 590 and Slimline desktop PC

What are you waiting for? Shop today at Dukatech and get your preferred HP desktop at the best prices in Nairobi. For business owners looking to purchase in bulk, we offer the best deals on HP desktops as well as installation and maintenance services. Contact our help-line for more information. Once you have made your purchase get to enjoy delivery chap chap wherever you are in the country.

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