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Samsung is a brand known for its high-quality screen designs whether they are on televisions, smartphones, or monitors. Here at Dukatech we offer you the best prices on Samsung smart TVs in Nairobi and offer delivery chap chap wherever you are in Kenya. Samsung smart TVs are most suitable for gaming due to their additional support features such as VRR. Their catalog is also larger in all aspects which makes it easier for the consumer to make a selection based on what you are looking for in your TV.

Samsung smart TVs provide the user with an impressive high-quality performance at any price point and throughout all their models. The televisions are feature-packed from viewing capabilities to their connectivity making them an essential household and even office device. Samsung screen types include :

Crystal UHD - These support smart tv functionality and HDR viewing.

QLED - This technology allows the tv to offer a deep contrast, natural color range, and more fluid motion.

NEO QLED - An upgrade from the QLED this version offers superior levels of brightness control, brighter white and deeper black tones, and lifelike levels of detail.

Other unique features found on Samsung smart TVs are responsive voice control through Samsung’s Bixby Assistant, Google Hello, and Amazon Alexa. Smart TV technologies such as Netflix, Disney + are all on Samsung’s Tizen smart platform. Quantum HDR is Samsung’s unique HDR technology that allows it to combine QLED and HDR best quality for a brighter more detailed picture quality.

Buy your Samsung smart TV today at Dukatech and get to enjoy delivery chap chap from an authorized seller and distributor. Also, products offered at Dukatech come at the best prices for televisions in Kenya.

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