Mika TVs

Shop Mika Smart Tv Online at the best price in Kenya

Here at Dukatech, we believe in offering our clients the best and most affordable options when it comes to televisions. As an authorized seller of Mika smart TVs, you are assured of quality products at any budget point.

Mika smart television is a multimedia interface set with a reliable, light, and stylish design accompanied by quality audio-visual components that meet all your entertainment needs. Among our catalog we have the MT32LDH101D model that incorporates the finest colors inside a 32-inch display screen. It is suitable for the small household and can easily be set up on a surface or installed on the wall.

Buy your Mika TV today and get to enjoy features such as : User friendly features e.g language selection commonly in English making it easy to read and manipulate. The simple design allows easy access to custom settings so setting it up from the store is less cumbersome. Varied connectivity features include; USB, VGA, and HDMI, which enables multi-display activity a plus for gaming and infinite viewing. The USB feature enables playback recording and storage of data while seamlessly watching without glitches.

Mika incorporates an eco-friendly design to ensure low power consumption hence saving on electricity bills. The tv is available in black and comes fitted with an in-built decoder. The price of Mika TV ranges from Ksh15,000 and increases gradually depending on the model and features. Compatibility is assured and tested hence can be paired with your preferable home audio device. Get your Mika Smart TV today from Dukatech and get to enjoy delivery chap chap, wherever you are.

Ksh 14,495.00
(Ksh 16,814.20 inc tax)