TCL smart Tvs at the best price Online

Here at Dukatech, we understand that our customers cut across societal classes. That is why we always ensure to have a large collection of similar products that allow you the freedom of choice. This is the same concept applied by the Chinese-owned TCL TV brand. The brand offers you a wide selection of TV sets that fit your requirements and at affordable prices. Below is a summary of the brand's top features.

The World Cup is coming up and your favorite series just announced the release of a new season also there is that new movie you want to immerse yourself in without having to struggle to catch the details and easter eggs. So far, you have enjoyed your current viewing experience maybe you have a TV or you use your laptop. Now, you are looking to upgrade. Considering the different brands, features you need, as well as your budget, you have decided that TCL is the brand for you.

The Chinese-owned brand started off focusing on the needs of their market in China and have now grown their reach to other markets in America, SE Asia, Africa, Europe, and Australia. The main advantage TCL TVs have over other smart TV brands is their aggressive pricing model. Since the company manufactures a large number of TV sets, it offers the customer a wide range at entry and mid-range levels. This, is in turn, works in helping the company have a more global reach in terms of clientele. For buyers looking to get larger and even very large-sized screens, TCL offers the best prices. However, there is always the issue of cost vs performance, as cheaper prices especially in the technology market often mean a drop in quality. With TCL Tv sets you will get good quality 4KHDR for instance, however, it is nothing in comparison to the quality in more premium brands. Keep in mind the brand is focused on offering affordable immersive viewing, at the same time the premium TCL TV models have generated quite impressive reviews due to their stunning sound and picture quality.

TCL TVs run on both ROKU Tv and Android Tv platforms. With ROKU Tv you get a smooth, breezy, and easy-to-understand interface. It also sports the top streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. The Android Tv smart platform is a recent addition to the newer models and it is similar to that used in Samsung and Sony smart TVs.

TCL Tv’s fall into five categories:

  • 3 series - These are the basic model from the brand. The Tv sets come in 32- 40 inch screen sizes with either 720 or 1080p resolution. Due to their size, they are ideal for small households or hostels.
  • 4 series - This model comes in 42 to 85-inch screen sizes with 4K and HDR resolution. They run on either the ROKU Tv or Android TV platform depending on your choice and the version.
  • 5 series - These QLED 4K models come with a screen size ranging from 50 - 85 inches. Compared to other brands TCL offers one of the cheapest QLED’s in the TV market. The TCL 5 series TVs are also perfect for the gamer on a budget.
  • 6 series - The latest addition to the TCL Tv catalogs features mini-LED technology for better contract settings. In addition to this, the Tv is equipped with Dolby Atmos speaker technology for that high-quality sound. In terms of size, they are available in 50 to 85 inches.
  • 8 series - Similar to the 6 series only a more premium version.

TCL Tv sets are quite the popular brand in most Kenyan households and small entertainment businesses. This is because they are reliable, affordable, and give quite an impressive picture quality. Here at Dukatech, you can find the right TCL TV set for you at an affordable price


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