Buy LG Smart Tvs Online

As much as we may demand high-quality features when it comes to smart technology there is no denying that quality aesthetically pleasing design is also a crucial determinant when it comes to your purchase decisions. This applies to smart TVs too and LG understands it perfectly. Their smart TVs come with slimmer designs and possess more than impressive picture quality. With a wide array of display sizes and types, you are sure to find an LG smart TV that fits your desires.

Here at Dukatech, we have an assorted collection of different LG TVs to cater to different households with different viewing expectations. The Korean manufacturer LG has established itself as an innovator that consistently finds ways to keep the customer entertained. While other manufacturers save the best features for the latest and premium models, LG ensures all their devices have nothing but the best. Whether you are looking for a premium model for your dream home or simply need an aesthetically pleasing screen with incredible sound Lg has you covered.

Some of the features that make LG TVs stand out include:

- OLED panels: OLED is an abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode, this display technology makes use of organic compounds to develop pixels. These are reflected onto a glass panel that puts out 3840 x 2160 pixels making up the 4K screen. This unique technology offers infinite contrast with true blacks, sharper-looking images, improved HDR performance, and smooth overall performance.

- LG webOS: Like most smart TVs LG devices run on an operating system dedicated to the company. LG prides itself in having some of the smartest TVs in the market and webOS is at the heart of it. It has support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a control dashboard, and a varied list of streaming services for music as well as movies.

- Innovation: LG is a large brand in terms of electronic devices so innovation is never far when it comes to smart TVs. The company has been creating panels for years that some popular smart TV brands still adopt its ways. From Panasonic to Sony and even Hisense you will still be using LG technology. Their OLED TVs, have hence been ranked as the best in terms of vibrance and color distribution as they offer a warmer pop to the colors.

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