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Dukatech believes in using the right tool for the right job or one tool that that does a lot of jobs well. Printing cards can be a bit troubling with the wrong machine being used. While some label printers do have the capability to print cards, it is not a common feature. With the Bravo ID printers available at Dukatech you can easily print ID cards on any surface without much technical knowledge.

Bravo ID printers provide the highest quality, lowest cost of ownership and smallest carbon footprint during high volume ID card printing as compared to other printer brands. Having incorporated True edge-to-edge printing technology in their machines you are assure of exceptional output at all times. Bravo printers use transfer method where the image is engraved on retransfer film which in turn pastes it on the contact surface.

With Bravo ID printers you can print on even and uneven surfaces such as microchip cards easily. They also allow for single and double-sided printing. Bravo ID printers are more suited for registration and corporate ID printing but can work in most environments. Shop today for the best online prices from Dukatech and other authorized dealers.

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