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In today’s fast-evolving world when it comes to business technologies both businesses and consumers alike are looking for fast, efficient appliances that not only save on costs but also have great designs. With Leitz Icon printers found on Dukatech, you get a one-of-a-kind design on a multipurpose printer. The printer unit is white and dark grey in color, has a two-piece power lead batter and adapter, a label cartridge, and the standard USB cable. Buying one from Dukatech today guarantees you the best prices in Kenya.

The Leitz Icon Smart Labelling system is the first label printer from Esselte Leitz. Their design completely changes the common perception of how a label printer should work. It affords the user the capability to print different size labels from the same roll. It also has the easiest approach to changing tape rolls as it eliminates the need to thread the rolls to the output. On top of this it offers connection through USB, Wi-Fi, Access Points and easily switches from one type of connection to the other. This makes it a great option for those looking to work outdoors or those who keep moving from place to place in the office setting.

Shop today at Dukatech to grab yourself unique, efficient, and affordable printers in Kenya at the best prices throughout the year. Also, keep an eye out for counterfeit and faulty products. Ensure you buy your Leitz printers from authorized online stores in Kenya such as Dukatech. Here, we believe in quality and efficiency, shop with us now to enjoy delivery chap chap right to your doorstep.

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