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For most photographers, it becomes clear that having only digital copies of your photos may not be enough. Soon you are looking to buy a high-quality yet budget-friendly photo printer. Look no further than the HiTi printers available at authorised dealers such asDukatech stores.

HiTi Digital is a company whose main focus has been the manufacture and supply of digital photography products and services. Their products are known for having a compact design, stable build as well as moving parts, and impeccable print performance. Due to their focus on photography and other surrounding elements. HiTi has one of the best dye-diffusion thermal transfer technology. On top of this, they offer users fast printing speeds and ample storage tray capacity for any kind of task.

Their dye-sublimation photo printers have had the company recognized in several consecutive awards over the years. They also have professional imaging software for ID and passport printing. Among their catalog, you will find - industrial, commercial, and consumer photo printers as well as order station consoles for outdoor events. Check out the ongoing sale at Dukatech to find the best HiTi photo printer prices in Kenya.

Ksh 2,499.00
(Ksh 2,898.84 inc tax)
Ksh 13,700.00
(Ksh 15,892.00 inc tax)
Ksh 2,750.00
(Ksh 3,190.00 inc tax)
Ksh 208,500.00
(Ksh 241,860.00 inc tax)
Ksh 208,500.00
(Ksh 241,860.00 inc tax)
Ksh 146,000.00
(Ksh 169,360.00 inc tax)
Ksh 139,000.00
(Ksh 161,240.00 inc tax)
Ksh 153,000.00
(Ksh 177,480.00 inc tax)
Ksh 55,600.00
(Ksh 64,496.00 inc tax)
Ksh 306,200.00
(Ksh 355,192.00 inc tax)
Ksh 194,500.00
(Ksh 225,620.00 inc tax)
Ksh 208,500.00
(Ksh 241,860.00 inc tax)
Save 3%
Ksh 175,000.00 Ksh 170,000.00
You save: Ksh 5,000.00 (Ksh 197,200.00 inc tax)