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It is not easy to find a silent inkjet printer. Due to the many moving parts as well as the mode of producing prints, there is always some level of noise. It was up until the 1980’s that HP developed and manufactured the Laserjet printer. This printer was produced to offer the user low maintenance and less noisy printer with a higher price point.

The Laserjet printer differs from the traditional printer in its user of dry toner instead of ink. It consists of a scanning device that inscribes the image on a drum that rolls onto the contact material. The engraved part then picks up the image and transfers it onto the contact paper. The engraved part then picks up the image and transfers it onto the contact paper.

Laserjet printers are manufactured for high-quality prints, horizontal and vertical printing, graphic prints, and spreadsheets.

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Ksh 78,000.00
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