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Like most office appliances, printers come with function-specific models. Among them include the dot matrix printers. These are mostly used in sales businesses to print receipts and bank documents although there are large-scale models that do much more. Unlike inkjet and laserjet printers, dot matrix printers do not come with a variety of models. The way this work is almost similar to a manual typewriter in that, a print head strikes an ink ribbon and transfers this onto a sheet of paper. Due to the use of physical impact several copies can be printed simultaneously.

Dot-matrix printers have been around since the 1920’’s with Brother and OKI being the first manufacturers. Over the years other manufacturers have joined in such as EPSON. These printers don't offer much in terms of connectivity and access through other devices with most using parallel and serial ports to connect. Few models can connect with smartphones and IMac while most work fine with Windows Operating systems.

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