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Having a trusted and effective brand name as your go to for business technologies is one way of creating seamless workflow no matter where you are. Here at Dukatech we pride ourselves in being authorised dealers of POSIFLEX Point of Sales (POS) systems due to their long history of impeccable performance. The Taiwan based company has over 20 POS systems and peripheral application products and possesses over 30 patents from countries all over the world. This makes it a great option for those looking to buy a POS system for their business or organisation.

POSIFLEX POS systems offer cross-platform integration and open architecture that allows customization in accordance with your business and user needs. Some of the standout features that make it a reputable brand include: Self-service kiosks, touch displays, LCD displays, fingerprint readers, programmable keyboards, barcode readers, cashiers money boxes, and POS printers. Their diverse applications make them suitable for retail, catering, large-scale shopping centers, entertainment venues, and e-commerce businesses.

Shop today at Dukatech to grab yourself unique, efficient, and affordable printers in Kenya at the best prices throughout the year. With Posiflex printers, you are assured of quality prints in any volume or size. Check out authorized dealers in Kenya such as Dukatech to ensure you get the most out of your money as well as comprehensive service from cart to delivery. No matter where you are Dukatech will deliver Posiflex printers to you chap chap.

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